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Japan - Expo Paris 1889

Japan at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1889

Japan received Hindu art from Korea along with Buddhism, but it is in its temples that this influence can be found. In the private home, the framework is the most important element, as in the Chinese house. This preference is explained by the frequency of earthquakes, which would be difficult to withstand in less elastic materials.

The small crossed slats that fill the gaps are stretched with oiled paper, and, inside, sheets of screen, movable in grooves, form the inner and outer partitions.

The roof, made of bamboo or tiles, rises to a first floor served by a balcony, the supports of which support a veranda that shelters the entrance to the house. It looks like a pretty aviary.

The floor, raised about half a metre above the ground to protect against humidity, is covered with mats fixed in rectangular frames, and serves as a bed, seat and table.

The furnishings are rudimentary: a few paper pictures, a very small cupboard, a sort of winter stove, a pipe-lighter, plants and knick-knacks.

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