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Eiffel - Expo Paris 1889

Eiffel at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1889
Architect(s) : Bernard Cassien

The Tower of three hundred meters could serve as an exhibition for M. Eiffel, but the illustrious engineer did not understand it that way; it is only one of the works of his factory, and he wanted to show to the admirers of his gigantic pyramid, that he had done great, before he undertook to astonish the world by what is so aptly called, in the French that we speak today, the highlight of the Exposition.

Near the Tower he has his own exhibition pavilion, designed by M. Cassien Bernard.

This pavilion, quite original in appearance, has for its roof a revolving dome similar to that of the Observatory of Nice, and organised in the same way, that is to say that it floats in a circular tank, which gives it an easy rotation and without any friction.

Inside the walls are lined with drawings representing the great construction works of Mr. Eiffel, some of which are represented by wooden models, very small of course, but very interesting.

In particular, there is a diminutive of the famous Garabit bridge, at the time of its assembly; this is very curious, because the two portions of the bridge's discharge arch are suspended in the air by cables, which had never been done before.

Another curiosity is a model of the Panama Locks, which is operated in front of the public.

This awakens some painful memories among
the shareholders of the ill-fated Panama Canal, but it is but it is a curiosity nonetheless.

©Livre d'Or de l'Exposition - Justin Cardier.