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Forges of Saint-Denis - Expo Paris 1889

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A large wooden pavilion contains the exhibition of the Société des forges et ateliers de Saint-Denis.

It contains a huge first-class carriage of the state railway, which is very beautiful.

In the background, a rather interesting diorama shows the construction of large iron ships.

All around, is a state of the material executed: sails of the various railway companies, wagons, naval constructions (express boats of the Seine, pontoons, gunboats), shells, carriages, metal frameworks, metallurgical wires.

At the Exhibition, this company executed a quarter of the galleries of the Palais des Machines, and the frameworks of the buildings of the foreign sections on the Avenue de La Bourdonnais side.

Then, as you leave, you will find the small wooden chalet of the Compagnie Générale des Asphaltes, and the Goldenberg Pavilion from Saverne, which exhibits circular saws, various tools, household utensils, gardening equipment, marine equipment, etc.

Let us not forget a small kiosk, a tobacco shop, and finally, the Bouillon Duval.

And now that we have seen the whole of the left-hand side, let us retrace our steps to the Cail establishments. All along the bodywork galleries and the foreign sections, there are still some interesting exhibitions.

First of all, there are Belgian steam engines, locomotives, boilers, mills, wagons, rails, and a model of monorail.

The small pavilion of the Société de la Vieille Montagne, which exhibits its calamine ores, its wrought zinc objects, or art zinc.

Then the Belgian ceramic tiles. The exhibition of Belgian marbles is very beautiful. It consists of enormous slabs of polished marble, representing the various types, especially the slabs of white marble and black marble without the slightest defect; then the Saint-Anne marble which is the common greyish marble, the French Saint-Anne marble with more elongated veins; the red marbles, etc.

Then comes an exhibition of stoneware appliances for chemical products, refractory bricks for blast furnaces, crucibles, gas retorts, acid condensation columns, jugs, jars, vats, accumulator vessels. Then glazed bricks, Portland cement, refractory earth for cupola furnaces, Cardiff earth coal mines and anthracite mines.

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