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Forges of Horme - Expo Paris 1889

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The Compagnie des fonderies et forges de l'Horme (Horme Foundry and Forge Company), includes vast sites in La Biure (Lyon).

It exhibits all the equipment manufactured: spinning machines, weaving looms, rolling stock, artillery equipment, hammer drills, large-scale carpentry and cooperage items.

In the weaving machine workshop, we see the manufacture of various fabrics: pekin, china, pekin velvet, plush gauze, surah, faille, brocaded silk.

Finally, the silk cocoon reeling machines.

This operation is of great interest to the public, and the dexterity with which the workers grasp the thread of each cocoon to put it into the reel is truly surprising.

©Livre d'Or de l'Exposition - S. Favière.