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Cape of Good Hope - Expo Paris 1889

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The population of the Cape of Good Hope, which should not be confused with the other English colonies, occupies two distinct locations. One, placed next to the Rapp gate in the Avenue de la Bourdonnais, the other on the Quai d'Orsay at the entrance to the Pont des Invalides.
The pavilion on the Champ de Mars is reserved especially for the diamond mine exhibition and will be of great interest to visitors. The complete and very exact model of a diamond mine is shown. One can see the successive operations of the work: the washing of the diamond soil which takes place every day from half past three to five o'clock and which is explained to the visitors. Then the sorting of the diamonds, the cutting and polishing. The collection of photographs in the pavilion shows how this work is done in Cape Town. But the highlight of the exhibition, which will attract women in particular, is the huge transparent safe which, thanks to an ingenious mechanism, can be illuminated at night by electric light and which contains several million rough stones. In the middle of this collection, the largest diamond in the world, weighing 482 carats, was found only a few months ago in the Beers mines.
The pavilion on the Quai d'Orsay contains natural products from the Cape: wines, wools and ostrich feathers. There are also models of the ships that sail between the Cape and Europe. The walls are decorated with scenes of East African life and on one wall of the section is a panorama of the city of Cape Town, the work of Mr. Pickevin, which proves that the Cape's reputation for beauty is by no means usurped.

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