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Finland - Expo Paris 1889

Finland at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1889

The Grand Duchy of Finland did not give any official subsidy for the World Exhibition. However, there was a strong desire among the population to take part in the struggle on the Champ de Mars, and the Finnish government not only tolerated but also encouraged subscriptions amounting to 130,000 francs, which enabled the 150 Finnish exhibitors to send their products.

The entire Finnish exhibition is housed in a pavilion in the garden of the Champ de Mars, to the left of the Eiffel Tower.

The architect of the section has built a pavilion according to the principles of Scandinavian architecture. This pavilion is made of varnished wood with a dome and very narrow triangular windows.

As nothing was intended to detract from the building's character of accuracy, no glazed roof was made, which would be impossible in Finland where the snow remains on the roofs for six months of the year, and the walls of the interior were barely decorated. One of the most curious exhibits is the granite exhibit. One of the most curious exhibits is the granite exhibition. Porticos of opal granite, which can only be found in Finland, have been sent.

The wood industry is also well represented: raw wood, processed wood, powdered wood, and of course paper made from wood. Then there are embroideries, wild fruits, canned fish and biscuits, which seem to form the basis of the Finnish diet.

Further on, a group, which quite astonishes the visitor, consists of the submissions of fifty schools, which have exhibited a series of paintings and objects of different kinds, which show how far public education has come in Finland.

The exhibition of the Society of Tourist Friends, an association whose aim is to make the beauties of Finland known, consists of hunting equipment, sledges and drawings which, together with some plastic reproductions, give an exact idea of the life of the Finns. It must be admitted that they are very curious people, who, separated for six months from the rest of the world, nevertheless make telephones and cameras, and are represented by thirty artists in the Fine Arts section.

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