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Persia - Expo Paris 1889

Persia at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1889

The Persian government officially participates in the Paris Exhibition. The shah entrusted M. Dorsy with the organisation and installation of the section at the Champ de Mars.

This section, located on the Avenue de Suffren side, after the Egyptian Exhibition, occupies an area of 375 square metres. The facade, which represents a mosque facade, was built under the direction of Mr. Dolley, architect.

In the midst of the products of all Persian industries (castles, carpets, porcelain, swords, knives, etc.) and of the products of the soil (seeds, drugs, opium, gums, etc.), two magnificent collections of antiquities should be noted, the collections of M. Lemaire and M. Richaud, which show us very ancient objects, old fabrics of extraordinary richness, old earthenware and old copperware, thus reconstituting, alongside modern life, the past life of this curious country.

And if we think of the thousands of leagues that separate us from these distant lands, we cannot help but admire and love this people whose goodwill has not shrunk from the distances to bring us, too, its share of teachings and wonders.

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