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Brazil - Expo Chicago 1893

Brazil at the Exhibition Expo Chicago 1893

The Brazilian pavilion has a splendid location in the southwest of Guatemala, at the beginning of the Northern Lake.

The architect was Lieutenant Colonel Francisco de Souzaaguiar of the Brazilian army, who is also a delegate to the World's Fair.

The plan of the building is in the shape of a Greek cross, with external dimensions of 45 by 45 metres.

The architecture of the building is French Renaissance decorated with Indian figures in the bas-reliefs, the façade and the stylobate of the dome.

They are allegorical representing the Republic of Brazil.

The total height of the construction of the upper part of the dome is 36.5 metres.

The columns and capitals are from Corinth.

The whole roof except for the dome is flat and surrounded by a balustrade.

There are four campaniles, each with an open observation deck 21 metres above the ground.

The interior is in perfect harmony with the exterior in all architectural areas.

The cost of the building is $9,000. Brazilian exhibits are scattered throughout the main exhibition buildings, but coffee, diamond and other industries are also represented here.