World's Columbian Exposition - Chicago 1893

500th anniversary of the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus in 1492

May 1, 1893 - October 30, 1893

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Guatemala at the Exhibition Chicago 1893

The Guatemalan pavilion is 34 metres square, and is of pure Spanish style architecture, which is appropriate for the country it represents.

In the centre of the building is a large courtyard with a gallery, and in the courtyard is a fountain from which jets of water flow.

Each corner of the building is topped by a decorated tower; the ornaments on the walls represent tropical plants and flowers.

Guatemala's most interesting exhibit is its café, and right next to the main building is a small rustic kiosk where drinks are served.

The area around the building has been transformed into a large garden with coffee, bananas and other tropical plants natural to the country.

The amount spent on the whole work was more than $ 40,000.