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Haiti - Expo Chicago 1893

Haiti at the Exhibition Expo Chicago 1893

Returning now to the westward, the visitor reaches the building of Haiti. It is in the southern colonial style adapted from the Grecian. Broad piazzas Hank three sides, while a central dome rises above the building. The piazzas are twelve feet wide, and on the pediment above the portico is the coat-of-arms of the republic. The front entrance opens on a large hall; in the centre of which is a beautiful statue, “Reverie" by Laforestrie, a native sculptor. In a room in the rear coffee of Haitian growth is served to visitors. All the exhibits of this republic are collected here instead of being scattered among the main buildings. There are various relics of the aboriginal inhabitants of the island and of Columbus, and the bust and relics of Toussaint E'Ou venture, the first president. Coffee, sugar, liquors, syrups, fibres, minerals, plants and native women’s work may be seen.

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