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Siam - Expo Chicago 1893

Siam at the Exhibition Expo Chicago 1893

This royal pavilion, erected by the Siamese government, was designed by a local architect.

Only indigenous wood and other materials and indigenous labour were used in its construction.

It is a small building, 8 square meters, with a clear view on each side of 10 meters.

The wood used is teak, a wood well used in the construction of Malay canoes, and the facade and roof have been beautifully carved and gilded.

These carvings, all done by hand, are exquisitely beautiful, and represent the work of the best Siamese artists. Although its displays are not limited to this building, Siam here shows many exhibits of gems, resins, dyes, silks, cottons, grains and a very fine display of manufactured goods and tobacco leaves.

Some of the native boats are wonderful, and the work of the native women is of absolute finesse.