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Turkey - Expo Chicago 1893

Turkey at the Exhibition Expo Chicago 1893

To the east of the Brazil Pavilion is the Turkish Government Building, a unique structure that cannot fail to attract attention.

It is a reproduction of a fountain in Constantinople, built two hundred years ago by Selim the Great.

On three sides of the structure are marble basins into which water flows, while on the fourth side is a beautiful entrance portal.

Intricate carvings adorn the outer walls, which are composed of mucharabia, a Turkish hardwood of great beauty.

There are also replacement panels of inlaid wood and mother-of-pearl work, with here and there a text in Arabic characters taken from the Qur'an.

The effect of this dazzling work is magnificent, and it is enhanced by the colourful uniforms of the ribboned guards who patrol the building night and day.

Mosaic floors, draped hangings and festooned with rich fabrics make up the interior decorations, and everything is made more magnificent by the addition of rich displays of silks, expensive jewellery and brilliant gems.

There are also jewels, gold and silverware, daggers, fabrics and other oriental products.

One can also see many trinkets from the Istanbul Museum and historical relics of the greatest value.