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Arkansas - Expo Chicago 1893

Arkansas at the Exhibition Expo Chicago 1893
Architect(s) : Mrs. Frank Middleton Douglas

Just to the north is the special building erected by Arkansas, which is constructed in the French style of architecture. The building measures ninety-two feet deep by sixty-six feet wide. The main entrance is through an elaborate circular veranda, with granite steps leading up to it. which were cut at the Little Rock quarries. From this a triple arcade leads into the rotunda, which extends the entire height of the building, rising to a square dome thirty feet in diameter. One of the most interesting features of the building is a fountain which stands under the dome, and was donated by the ladies of Hot Springs. The basin is ten feet in diameter, and from a granite foundation in the centre of it rises the figure of a boy, holding over his head a passion flower, the emblem of the State.

Hot Springs crystals are grouped around the base, while others cover the petals of the flower. Aquatic plants are placed at the corners of the basin. This feature was designed by Mrs. P. H. Ellsworth, of Hot Springs, and when illuminated by electric lights is very attractive. The three rooms, fifteen feet square, on either side of the rotunda, are used as ladies’ reception and exhibit rooms, while the large one in the rear, 25 by 65 feet, extends the width of the building, and is devoted to general exhibits. Triple arches span it, and one of its handsomest decorations is a mantel twelve feet long; made of Arkansas white onyx. In the second story a broad gallery encircles the hall, affording entrance to six rooms, each fifteen feet square. The first floor of the building is laid in clear Arkansas pine, donated by the various lumber companies of the State. The architect of this building was Mrs. Frank Middleton Douglas. She was given the prize for the design over all competitors, and was also superintendent of construction of the building.

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