World's Columbian Exposition - Chicago 1893

400th anniversary of the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus in 1492

May 1, 1893 - October 30, 1893

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Ceylon at the Exhibition Expo Chicago 1893

The Ceylon Pavilion consists of a central octagonal building with two wings.
wings, the length of the whole courtyard is 44 metres and the width of the central hall is 15 metres.

The architecture is in the Dravidian style as seen in the ancient temple ruins throughout the islands.

The beautiful Sinhalese timbers used in this building were cut and assembled in Ceylon and shipped here for installation.

A basement supports the entire building, which is accessed by four highly carved staircases, two leading to the central building, and one in each wing. These staircases and the general layout of the courtyard are copied from old ruined temples in Ceylon.

There are bas-relief carvings on the entrance door and many other parts of the structure. The decorations of this building are particularly rich and complex, and are well worthy of careful study.

The pieces presented are under those of the products of this tropical island, such as silk, spices, pearls, ivory and tea. There is an air of Orientalism about it that is most enchanting to the American visitor, and the pavilion is always crowded.