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Panorama Bernese Alps - Expo Chicago 1893

Panorama Bernese Alps at the Exhibition Expo Chicago 1893

A Panorama of the Bernese Alps, the work of three noted Swiss artists, attracts many visitors to this vicinity. This panorama is sixty-five feet high and over five hundred feet long. All the characteristics of an Alpine tableau stretch before one, and so perfect is the representation that it is difficult to believe these mountains are but creations of the painter’s art. Along the horizon are seen 'sparkling glaciers, great fields of snow, rugged moss-covered rocks jutting out into the air, pastures dotted with Swiss chalets, herds of cows and goats peacefully grazing in the deep valleys; in short everything that makes Alpine scenery fascinating, beautiful and grand. The space assigned for a Natatorium next eastward is, during the latter months of the Fair, given over to an American variety show. For a time a pugilist, who held the temporary title of champion, was the star attraction at this place. This fact is mentioned simply to show what contrasts and variety could be found within the limits of the plaisance.

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