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Ivory Coast - Expo Paris 1900

Ivory Coast at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1900

Adjacent to the very important Dahomean agglomeration, the Ivory Coast exhibition is housed in a square wooden pavilion surrounded by a veranda. It lacks any original character and, if one were to refer only to the products gathered there, one would get a rather poor idea of our colony of the Gulf of Guinea.

In the Ivory Coast pavilion one finds all sorts of junk for export, mainly clothes made by a Hamburg firm. The gold jewellery of the Baule, finely chiselled by the natives, is the only interesting part of this exhibition; the production of gold is indeed expanding more and more each year in the country. The collections and objects exhibited do not seem to bear any relation to the development that, according to the graphs and statistical tables covering the walls, our colony has undergone in recent years, and above all to the financial sacrifices that the metropolis has imposed on itself for its prosperity.