Universal and International Exhibition of Paris 1900

The balance sheet of a century

April 15, 1900-November 12, 1900

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Stereorama at the Exhibition Paris 1900

In the Stereorama that Messrs Francowich and Gadan had installed at the upper end of the group of Algerian attractions, the system was simpler, but the effect was as successful as possible.

The authors could also call it the poem of the sea, without being accused of exaggeration.

One can imagine the organisation by imagining an immense hat of high form; on the cylinder were painted the landscapes which unfolded by a circular movement; on its edges, turning in the same direction and more quickly, a series of small vertical blades represented the waves.

The ships of a squadron had been fixed to it, and their smoke, painted on glass, seemed to fly away.

The spectator, having the sensation of being on another boat, thus crossed the squadron and skirted the coasts of Algeria, leaving Bône in the morning mists, greeting Algiers under the fires of midday and arriving at Oran in the golden powder of a setting sun.

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