Universal and International Exhibition of Paris 1900

The balance sheet of a century

April 15, 1900-November 12, 1900

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Andalusia at the time of the Moors

Andalusia at the time of the Moors at the Exhibition Paris 1900

One could not imagine more attractive spectacles than those which had been performed in Andalusia at the time of the Moors, such as the dances of the Andalusian gitanas, the terrifying exercises of the Aïssaouas and the Hamadchas, the fantasias carried out by the Arab gallops. The setting was Granada, Cordoba and Seville, the Alcazar and the Alhambra reconstructed in their purest marvels.

Although situated at one lost end of the Trocadero, they were signalled in the distance by the tall tower of the Giralda, which could be climbed on a donkey, as in the past the Caliphs of Seville rode up to it to watch the sun set. But visitors were hesitant where they should have flocked, and the shows suffered from these gaps. Well-conceived and well-executed undertakings like this one have suffered the consequences of the inferiority of others and have remained in the dull note, when they would have deserved more success than the Cairo Street, which was being crashed in 1889.

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