Universal and International Exhibition of Paris 1900

The balance sheet of a century

April 15, 1900-November 12, 1900

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Old Arles

Old Arles at the Exhibition Paris 1900

Architect(s) : Etienne Bentz

Next to the Mas Provençal was the Vieil Arles, for which Mr Martin Ginouvier was granted a site of 1,178 square metres.

The buildings, built by Mr Bentz, architect, had a surface area of 755 square metres. They were reminiscent of the houses on the Place du Forum, as well as the monuments of the Alyscamps, Saint-Trophime and the Arènes. The main pavilion housed a restaurant and a café, where southern dishes were served in old Provençal crockery.

Photographs, paintings, autographs, literary and artistic works from Provence gave visitors an insight into the history of the country.

The municipality of Arles was interested in the project.

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