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Dance Palace -

Dance Palace at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1900
Architect(s) : Lemarié

It is a living history, a lively review of Dance, through all ages and all countries, taking place on the stage of a coquettish Theatre, whose layout recalls that of the Wagner Theatre, in Bayreuth.

We see the oriental religious dances, the Chinese Piny-Von, the Hindu dance of the Bayadères of Sivah, the Egyptian dance of the Bee, the religious or warlike dances of ancient Greece and Italy, the Dance of Isis, the Pyrrhic Dance, the Romanian Bacchanal, the dances of the Middle Ages: dance of the Glaives, of the Jugglers; finally, the modern dances with all their charming variations from the Renaissance Passepied, the Menuet, the Gavotte, Louis XII, to the Cancan of Mabille and the Danses Lumineuses of Loïe Fuller.

©Paris Exposition 1900