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Auteurs Gais Theatre - Expo Paris 1900

Auteurs Gais Theatre at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1900
© Le Panorama

The Auteurs Gais Theatre is, strictly speaking, nothing more than a real fairground stall, but a marvellous stall of unheard-of luxury.

The panels around it are painted by Mr. Bellery-Desfontaines, and no one can pass by without stopping.

The highlight of the Auteurs Gais Theatre is the parade of a dozen artists dressed in brilliantly rich costumes. For a quarter of an hour, these artists talk and talk to the audience, accompanied by the sound of the bass drum, the trombone, etc., etc.

Then the show begins, a show signed by the gayest authors in Paris, such as: Courtline, Donnay, Pierre Wolff, Hugues Delorme, etc.

The Auteurs Gais Theatre is the only one in the Rue de Paris that is open air and closes in case of rain.

There are 6 performances a day, all different, the interlude of which is a nail unknown until now.

©Paris Exposition 1900