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Upside down manor -

Upside down manor at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1900

It is worthy of a Hoffmann tale, this old gothic castle, anchored in the ground by its chimneys, and raising its foundations in the air, which seem to be torn from the ground, with its windows turned upside down, its staircases where one seems to climb upside down.

Thanks to ingenious ice games, everything is upside down, as in a marvellous country where terrestrial attraction does not exist.

On each floor there are interiors furnished in the medieval style, which you can visit as if hanging from the ceiling. Through the window openings you can see the Exhibition, but... you see it in reverse.

On the third floor, a tunnel of marvellous mirrors, where anyone who enters is transformed into a monster with a hundred arms and a hundred heads.

©Paris Exposition 1900