Universal and International Exhibition of Paris 1900

The balance sheet of a century

April 15, 1900-November 12, 1900

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Theatre of Living Paintings

Theatre of Living Paintings at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1900

These tableaux vivants, which take place in four successive shows, on a specially constructed and engineered theatre, reproduce with all the intensity of life the eminently plastic subjects inspired either by the love legend of mankind (Poèmes d'amour, by Armand Silvestre), 1st and 2nd series, or by poems in which feminine plasticity plays a major role (Paradiso perdido, by Milton), or lastly, by the marvellous dreams of A Journey to the Land of the Stars.

Each of these paintings is accompanied by a very short, unpublished poem, commenting on it, and spoken in turn by a male and female reciter (real artists with a proven track record); these poems are by Armand Silvestre, the poet of feminine beauty.

Music by Alexandre Georges accompanies them.

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