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Grand Guignol - Expo Paris 1900

Grand Guignol at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1900

On a dapper white and green facade, that bright Trianon green, an elegant entrance door, topped with cartouches that remind the visitor of the names of great French comedians, from Tabarin to Courteline, through Nicolet, Lesage and Crébillon.

Inside, a 450-seat hall decorated in the Watteau style is furnished in the Louis XV and Louis XVI style.

The programme on the small stage at the back is the history of the French farce, from Tabarin to Courteline, in their hilarious works performed by the best comedians in Paris.

In the evening, other attractions await visitors, especially children, in the basement, where the American Biograph Theatrophone Room and Dickson's Fantastic Cabinet are located.

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