Universal and International Exhibition of Paris 1900

The balance sheet of a century

April 15, 1900-November 12, 1900

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Belle Meunière

Belle Meunière at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1900

Architect(s) : Tronchet

This establishment, located in a magnificent situation downstream from the Pont d'Iéna (right bank), occupied 300 square metres, partly on the bank, partly on the upper quay. M. Tronchet built it on behalf of Mrs. Quinton, the concessionaire.

Above the quay, there was a basement (bar and cellar), a mezzanine floor (restaurant and various annexes); above the quay, a ground floor accessible via the Iéna and Passy side façades (restaurant and office), a first floor (restaurant) with a mezzanine floor (office), and finally a three-storey terrace, from which customers enjoyed a wonderful view.

Towards the Seine, the building had: on the basement level, a Tyrolean plastered base, pierced by three large arcades; on the mezzanine level, three windows above the basement bays; on the ground floor, three balconies crowning the windows and three bays with rounded corners; on the first floor, a high corbelled glazed gallery, supported by brackets and covered by a tiled canopy; on the terrace level, a wooden balustrade and masts. The architect had left out the sculptural motifs and achieved a very picturesque appearance. Although simpler, the architecture of the other facades was connected to that of the Seine facade.

On the ground and ground floors, the decorative effect of the interior was mainly achieved by exposed wooden frames: posts, arches, crosspieces, curved brackets, baluster baskets, joists, American beams with frieze. The wainscoting on the first floor consisted of a balustrade-fence with openwork, showing flowers and wheat in its gaps. All the wood on the ground floor was painted white; the wood on the first floor was stained yellow-green and varnished.

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