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Blue Flag - Expo Paris 1900

Blue Flag at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1900
Architect(s) : R. Dulong

The Blue Pavilion, granted to Mr. Moreux, occupied 152 square metres. It consisted of a square building, with a corner tower housing the main staircase, and included a ground floor, a large entresolated floor, a terrace under a canopy, as well as two floors of basement outbuildings. Outside there was a small enclosed garden with tents and a bandstand; the proximity of a lake enhanced the building.

To save space, the architect, Mr. R. Dulong, had extended the first floor and the terrace by 2 metres over the ground floor. The pavilion was made of wood and was extremely openwork. Large cut-out buttresses crossed the first floor and supported the roof of the terrace. The balconies, the coloured blinds, the earthenware infill, the blue colour of the framework, which stood out against the light-coloured background, all contributed to the creation of a cheerful and interesting linen decor.

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