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Old Auvergne - Expo Paris 1900

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Architect(s) : M. Lecadet

Messrs Vazeilles and Arnaud were granted a 900 square metre concession in the quincunxes of the Esplanade des Invalides, on the Fabert side, where they were to build a reconstruction of the Vieille Auvergne.

This reconstruction, entrusted to the architect M. Lecadet, took the form of two buildings with a total surface area of 300 square metres, used for a restaurant and shops for the sale of local art objects. The author borrowed motifs from various local monuments (Romanesque church, castle, etc.). The restaurant was reminiscent in its architecture of the old buildings around Clermont-Ferrand and Le Puy; a staff dressed in the costumes of the old Auvergne provided service. The public was entertained by characteristic local dances.

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