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Provencal Farmhouse - Expo Paris 1900

Provencal Farmhouse at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1900
Architect(s) : Novel, Poncelet , Flachon, Bentz

Also established in the quincunxes, on the Constantine side, the Mas Provençal, granted to Messrs Novel, Poncelet and Flachon, had a surface area of 735 square metres.

A large pavilion, used as a restaurant, formed the centre of the reconstruction; the walls seemed to be made of ancient fragments borrowed from the period of the Roman occupation; the interior decoration had the sobriety of the cool rooms of the South. Various reminders of the monuments of Saint-Remi and Les Baux accompanied this pavilion and framed it very happily in the greenery.

The buildings, designed by Mr Bruno Pellissier, architect, covered 2,55 square metres.

The restaurant, adjacent to the pavilion, was designed by Etienne Bentz.

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