Mr Lefèvre-Utile's pavilion - Expo Paris 1900

Mr Lefèvre-Utile's pavilion at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1900
Architect(s) : Bluysen


The wooden and plaster building, built by Mr. Bluysen, occupied 169 square metres.

It was placed on the lower bank, protruding into the Seine, and was connected to the upper quay by a covered walkway forming an exhibition hall.

A 36-metre high rotating lighthouse flanked it at the corner, near the yacht basin, and was supported by a large biscuit tin bearing the name of Mr Lefèvre-Utile.

The eventful silhouette of the pavilion, the originality of its architecture the harmony of its decoration entirely borrowed from the industry it symbolised, and finally its interesting colouring, fixed the attention of the public's attention.