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Water and Forestry Palace - Expo Paris 1900

Water and Forestry Palace at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1900

In 1889, the Forestry Administration erected a beautiful construction with tree trunks dressed with their bark and roots, which was a great success. But the Palace of 1900, because of its considerable size and its very picturesque effect, is even better. It is situated downstream from the Pont d'Iéna, on the quay, near the Champ de Mars station, having on one side only a ground floor and one floor, on the other a ground floor and two floors.

The monumental gateway has under its vault the shape of an immense shell, on each side two pavilions with cut-offs and two pylons decorated with sculpted remains.

It is crowned by a pediment representing the hunt with numerous animal heads. Above, two stags in hallalus; in the centre, the genius of the Forests. Diana and Amphitrite, who personify hunting and fishing, are the most beautiful ornament of the façade along the Seine.

The Palace, built entirely of Norway spruce, is a masterpiece of carpentry. If you enter through the main door, you will see three vast halls linked by a double staircase that leads to galleries decorated with stalactites, coral, and all the products of underwater flora and fauna.

On the ground floor, in the hall on the shore, are the gears, instruments and products of fishing. By means of some very well grouped scenes, one can get an exact idea of the operations by which pearls, sponges, mother-of-pearl and coral are obtained.
In the hall on the other side are the forestry operations and industries, various woods, cork, bark, working tools.

In the galleries on the first floor are the products of hunting (skins, feathers and horns), the products of gathering (truffles, mushrooms, gum), and splendid collections of weapons of all species which deserve the attention of the hunting enthusiasts.

Text by Albert Testu 1900.