Tyrol (Tyrolean Castle) - Expo Paris 1900

Tyrol (Tyrolean Castle) at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1900

The loyal Tyrol, the birthplace of the House of Habsburg, also wanted to build a pavilion. Since there was no room in the Rue des Nations, it was built at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, following the common model of the small castles in the Eppan Valley.

Its rooms reproduced the Renaissance-style princely chamber of Velthurns Castle and a Gothic room of Reiffenstein Castle.

These interiors were executed in the workshops of the vocational schools and served as a showcase for the local wood-cutting and glass painting industries. An attractive wrought-iron sign "Grapes" invited visitors to taste the generous and fresh Tyrolean wines, which were served in a rustic tavern on the ground floor.

The whole place was patriarchal and familiar, as this beautiful country has remained.

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