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Reimbursable guide to Le Matin newspaper - Expo Paris 1900

Reimbursable guide to Le Matin newspaper at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1900
Architect(s) : M. Lemarié

By an intelligent combination which is one of the most sensational curiosities of the Exposition, the Guide remboursable of the newspaper Le Matin, the best informed and the most accurate, because it is the last to be published, reimburses its purchasers the 2 francs it costs and makes them participate in innumerable advantages and gifts offered by French commerce to the visitors of the Exposition.

It is in this pavilion, located at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, that, by means of an ingenious mechanism, the reimbursement of free admission to the main attractions and the distribution of gifts and premiums takes place.

These favours, numbering 330,000, are distributed to the 100,000 holders of a copy of the first edition.

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