Fruhinsholz barrel - Expo Paris 1900

Fruhinsholz barrel at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1900
Architect(s) : M.J. Sansbœuf(Bâtiment)

Gigantic barrel by Mr Fruhinsholz, from Nancy, measuring 9.5 metres in length and 9.35 metres in diameter.
As for the building that houses it, it measures 16*18*18 m.

Its capacity is 433,000 litres. It does not contain liquid, as one might think.

Inside it is a real palace of four floors, which houses a whole world in its sides.

On the first three floors, which are accessed by a lift, 54 kiosks radiate around the central part. All kinds of drinks are served here.

On the fourth floor there is a Brasserie with a concert.

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