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Sudan and Senegal - Expo Paris 1900

Sudan and Senegal at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1900

The pavilion of these countries is a very exact reproduction of a large mosque-like palace on the banks of the Niger River. It is beautiful in appearance and imposing in style. It consists of a long ground-floor hall, the walls of which are decorated with frescoes representing the views of the principal localities, and where the treasure of Ahmadou, the former Sultan of Sizam, is to be admired in glass cases. This treasure consists of magnificent gold jewellery of a very curious workmanship. Tastefully arranged around the room are beautiful collections of weapons and fabrics, feathers, wax, rubber, and birds of all colours.

I shall not omit to draw the attention of the visitors to an old man who, crouching to the left of the entrance, under the covered gallery surrounding the building, plays popular tunes on a stringed instrument. He is not a consummate music lover, but he deserves to be examined for a moment for the purity of his Negro type and his impassive gaze.

Under a straw shelter are a number of Sudanese workmen; it is a curious and attractive sight to see these negroes in their brightly coloured robes, standing or crouching, engaged in chiselling jewellery, working silk, straw, or leather, and making in a strange language offers to sell to the amused visitors.