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Press - Expo Paris 1900

Press at the Exhibition Expo Paris 1900

Built entirely of wood, with artistic decoration in white and gold, it is topped by a dome and a terrace from the top of which journalists can admire the whole of the Universal Exhibition.

Inside, they will find a library, conversation rooms, telephone, newspapers; all the means to work, chat and relax.

The Press Committee of the Exhibition is placed under the direction of the great associations of the French Press, Parisian and departmental, whose president is Mr. Jean Dupuy. It includes in a confraternal meeting all opinions, and brings together the associations and unions of the Press. A special delegate permanently receives the members of the French and foreign Press, puts them in contact with each other, by a friendly presentation and puts himself at their disposal for any information they may desire.

Journalists are only admitted to the Pavilion on presentation of their card. They can make appointments with the people they need to talk to; they can write and prepare their correspondence there. The Secretary General is Mr. L. V. Meunier.

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