Louisiana Purchase Exposition - Saint-Louis 1904

Celebration of the centenary of the purchase of the Louisiana territory, April 30, 1803

April 30, 1904 - December 1, 1904

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Jerusalem at the Exhibition Expo Saint-Louis 1904

It was doubtless thought that the majesty of the Holy City would not be well suited to the neighbourhood of the Rue de Seville, the Hagenbach menagerie or the Ferris Wheel, and this is obviously the first reason why Jerusalem Deserting the Pike was set apart, to the west of the Cascade Gardens.

The other reason for its isolation is its importance. It needed a lot of space, and space in the Pike was at a premium.

It was not along this populated avenue that one could have found the 11 acres of undulating land necessary to plant a city: a city with its ramparts pierced by the six famous gates: the Damascus, Jaffa, Golden, St. Stephen's, Western, and Southern gates: a city with its 1,000 inhabitants imported directly from Palestine; a city with a population of 1,000. Its 22 streets: the crowd of its historical monuments, the Mosque of Omar which is illuminated every night by the Crescent: the Church of the Holy Sepulchre; the Way of Sorrows with its 9 stations; the Tower of David: and, bizarrely, a vast modern hotel, the American Consulate, the Austrian hospital, the wheat market...

For it is not one, but two Jerusalems that we are offered: the old and the new, this one noisy, animated, populated by Hebrews, Turks, Armenians, a true cosmopolitan city; that one serious, recollected, having kept its ancient physiognomy so familiar to all the students of the Bible, and there are legions of them on the other side of the sea. The adventures of the little people of Israel fascinate the great American people to a degree we hardly suspect.

And this is perhaps the reason for the place given to Jerusalem in the World's Greatest Fair.

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