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Virginia - Expo Saint-Louis 1904

Virginia at the Exhibition Expo Saint-Louis 1904

Virginia is represented among the state buildings at the World's Fair by a reproduction of Monticello (Little Mountain), the home of the president who led the Louisiana Purchase. Mr. Jefferson was an enthusiastic student of architecture, and an amateur draftsman, who brought back many studies of famous old buildings from his travels abroad. The plans and specifications for this little architectural classic, in minute detail by his own hand, still exist.

Millions of patriotic pilgrims will visit the Virginia Pavilion who will never see the original home of the illustrious author of the Declaration of Independence, and every American who sees this building thanks Jefferson's birth state for this unique opportunity.

The building covers an area of 113 by 99 feet, and cost $17,000.

It has a picturesque site on the path that leads from the Palace of Fine Arts to the Foreign Affairs Section. It contains a life-size statue of the statesman, provided by the University he founded.

Virginia offers exhibits in Agriculture, Horticulture, Mining and Forestry. Peanuts, pickles and tobacco are widely displayed.

A Pocahontas made entirely of tobacco is a striking display in the agriculture building. In the mines, there are large figures made of coal, ores, etc.

Forest products, fish and game are remarkably well presented and cover the whole range of the state's resources in this area.