Wisconsin - Expo Saint-Louis 1904

Wisconsin at the Exhibition Expo Saint-Louis 1904

The Wisconsin pavilion is in the ordinary semi-classical architectural style common in exhibition buildings. The English style prevails. The structure, with its plaster walls and red gabled roofs, amidst the green foliage, gives a charming effect, and is a welcome relief from the massive general architecture of the surrounding buildings.

It was erected at a cost of $14,750, and covers an area of 90 by 50 feet. The furniture is of wood native to the state.

Wisconsin exhibits are in the fields of education, agriculture, horticulture, mining, forestry and machinery departments and cover a wide range. The most important exhibition, for education, covers the branches of school work from kindergarten to the state university.

In the Mining Palace there is a wide presentation of ores, polished granites and ceramic clays.

The presentation of forest products includes a wide variety of polished woods. The state is honourably represented by displays of agricultural products, fruit, livestock and dairy products.