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Belgium - Expo Saint-Louis 1904

Belgium at the Exhibition Expo Saint-Louis 1904

The Belgian Pavilion could not claim to be based on any classical architecture; its author had obviously preferred to create a work of his own, rather than to copy the old masters.

On the outside walls, important decorative panels were painted representing the great beautiful industries, such as metallurgy, coal mining, etc.

These paintings, conceived in a note perhaps a little too monochrome, did not have all the gaiety that one would have wished to see in images representing the life of the great workers.

Inside, many industries were represented: we can mention in particular, several pieces of furniture: a Flemish dining room and a modern lounge, by Serrurier: then a rather large number of showcases: models of sleeping cars: weapons of war and hunting; ceramic exhibits; an important group of lace; finally, drawings of professional schools.

In short, a very complete industrial and commercial Exhibition; but, perhaps, the space had been too measured to the organizers, and all these exhibitions, interesting in themselves, lacked a little air, and would certainly have gained if they had had a little more room to spread out at ease.

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