Louisiana Purchase Exposition - Saint-Louis 1904

Celebration of the centenary of the purchase of the Louisiana territory, April 30, 1803

April 30, 1904 - December 1, 1904

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Brazil at the Exhibition Saint-Louis 1904

The magnificent structure of the Brazilian pavilion at the exhibition is crowned by a huge dome, rising 132 feet above the ground.
The building is flanked on the east and west sides by carefully tended flower gardens.

It faces the Belgian and Cuban pavilions to the north and the Nicaraguan pavilion to the east.

The three domes are above the roofline above the second floor, with the centre dome rising to 78 feet. The secondary domes are flat and only about 20 feet above the roof. Below these secondary domes are loggias on the outside.

The state flats occupy the whole of the lower floor, with a collection of agricultural produce, including coffee.

On the second floor are the offices of the Commission. Above, piercing through the roofline, is a 42-foot diameter skylight, which provides a view of the outer dome.
On the third floor, inside the dome, is a gallery from which visitors can view the exhibitions on the second floor. Above, another gallery surrounds the dome outside, and a view is provided in all directions.

The furniture is made from hardwoods, and visitors are welcomed with delicious cups of coffee made from the renowned Brazilian product.