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Mexico - Expo Saint-Louis 1904

Mexico at the Exhibition Expo Saint-Louis 1904

The pavilion of Mexico occupies a prominent place, with a ground of 160 feet by 175 feet.

The building is 50x72 feet in size, and the floors are used to display the floral productions of the southern part of the Republic.

The pavilion is two stories high and is designed in the Spanish Renaissance style.

The windows on the lower floor are stained glass, while those on the upper floor are photographic negatives, showing cathedrals, monuments, palaces, parks and beautiful landscapes of Mexico.

A very large image of President Diaz occupies a prominent position in a stained glass window.

On the first floor there is a public reception room, a reading room, the telegraph offices and other flats.

The second floor has rooms for the Mexican Commission and for press correspondents.

The glorification of the country's colours is represented in a large image on the ceiling.

Mutoscope views of the Mexican landscape are presented.

In the centre of the pavilion is a patio or courtyard, always a function of the Mexico building.

Cacti and plants common in Mexico are used in the embellishment of the floor.

On the south side of the pavilion is a veranda, in which delicate tropical plants, which cannot be displayed outside, are presented.